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Become a Member of MDHSA! Before filling out this form, please go to the Membership Info tab and read carefully the information regarding becoming a Member, especially the “Before You Join” section and the Photos of Children Policy (#3).  Here you will learn what MDHSA is about, how much it costs to be a Member, and more.


Do not fill out the form below until you have read the above-mentioned MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION! After you have done so, return here to fill out the form. You will then receive information explaining how to pay the Membership dues via pay pal or check.  

You will receive a second email with a link to update your information as needed.  PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL FOR FUTURE USE. You will need to click on that link anytime you need to change your email address, phone number or postal mail address; the membership directory will automatically be updated with your new information.

Once payment is made you will then receive an email with the passwords to log in to the Members Only section on the website, co-op forms and any other members only information. Please save this email with the passwords so you can get on the website membership section!

NOTICE: This registration is for membership in the LOCAL support group NOT the diploma program. See Purchase tab for a Diploma guide to get started in that program. 

The following information will be available to all paid members by logging into the Local Support Group site and clicking on the Membership Directory tab.


Enter phone number using hyphens (717-123-4567)

For “Member Since” date, use the year only-ex. 2009.  If you are a New Member, use the year you are in TODAY.

Renewing members, please use the date you first joined even if you have skipped a year or two. If unsure, contact the office for the year. 

Use abbreviations when possible: Rd for Road, Dr for Drive,  St for Street, Ln for Lane,  Ave for Avenue, Apt for apartment, etc. to save space in the  membership directory.

For Children’s birth year, please use the last two digits of the year: 97, 99,00, 01, 12

For child(ren)s gender, please use M or F.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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