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Bylaws and Statement of Purpose

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ByLaws and Articles of Incorporation of Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers.

NOTE: The following are excerpts from the ByLaws and Articles of Incorporation of Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers. To determine which type of membership you are eligible for, please review both the Statement of Purpose and the Doctrinal & Membership Statement set forth below. If you fully subscribe to both the Statement of Purpose and the Doctrinal Statement excerpted below, then you may join as a Full Member. If you do not fully subscribe, then you may join as an Associate Member.

Statement of Purpose
(The following is an excerpt from the Articles of Incorporation of Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers*.)

  • Encourage families who are homeschooling;
  • Develop a hunger for academic excellence in children;
  • Promote prayer for continued freedom in homeschooling;
  • Educate the public about legislation of interest to homeschoolers;
  • and about local activities for homeschoolers;
  • Provide positive group activities for homeschooled children;
  • and Engage in any and all lawful activities incidental to the foregoing purposes except as restricted herein [the Articles of Incorporation].

Doctrinal Statements
(The following are excerpts from the Bylaws of Mason Dixon Homeschoolers Association*.)

Article I excerpt The doctrinal statement of the Corporation is:

A) The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God and constitutes completed and final revelation. The Bible, in its original autograph, is without error in whole and in part, including theological concepts as well as geographical and historical details.
B) God has existed from all eternity in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is God come in human flesh, being fully God and fully man except without sin.
C) All men are in violation of God’s righteous requirements and His holy character both by nature and act; and are therefore under His wrath and just condemnation. The central purpose of this coming of Jesus Christ was to pay the penalty for man’s sin through His substitutionary death on the cross–the successful accomplishment of this was attested to by His subsequent visible, bodily resurrection.
D) Salvation is offered as a gift, free to the sinner. This gift must be responded to in individual faith, not trusting in any personal works whatsoever, but in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ alone.
E) Knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Bible is essential to proper spiritual, mental, social, and physical growth.
F) The Holy Spirit indwells each Christian and is significant in his education by bringing conviction of sin, revealing Christ’s glory, and guiding each believer into all truth.
G) Moral standards and a value system consistent with the Bible best prepare a student for fulfilling his responsibilities as a citizen of our nation.
H) Man’s purpose in life is to render glory to God in all things, for he was created to have dominion over the creation, to care for it, to replenish it, and to subdue it.

Membership Statements Article II excerpt Article II excerpt
The Corporation shall have two categories of membership: regular members and associate members:

1) Regular members. Regular members are those families who fully subscribe to the Corporation’s purposes and doctrinal statement, and have paid the annual dues. Each family that is a regular member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters on which members vote, and a representative may serve as an officer or director.
2) Associate members. Associate members are those families who are interested in homeschooling, but who do not fully subscribe to the Corporation’s purposes or doctrinal statement. Associate member families may not vote, and representatives may not serve as an officer or director.

Become a Member After reading the above Statement of Purpose and Doctrinal and Membership Statements, as well as the information in the “Membership Info” page, you may complete the online Membership Application form.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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