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Common Application – Transcript Request Form

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The fee for uploading an official transcript to the Common App website is $20.00.

Before submitting the online transcript request for the Common App, PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE SENT THE REQUIRED COMMON APP LINK TO MDHSAORDERS@PA.NET.

*** Do NOT send emails or correspondences to this email address.

It is for orders only. All other emails will be deleted. ***

Please ensure that the MDHSA office has the complete and correct yearly information and Annual

Summary Form and Transcript before submitting a Common App transcript request. If the MDHSA office must upload additional student transcripts because of an error on the student/family’s part, there will be an additional fee for the corrected upload.

Student Information:
* indicates required field
By checking this box, I acknowledge that I have sent a Common App link to mdhsaorders@pa.net for MDHSA to upload my official high school transcript. I also give permission for MDHSA to release the information on my / my student’s transcript to the Common Application organization.
I acknowledge that MDHSA has the correct and most recent version of my students yearly paperwork, including the Annual Summary Form and Transcript.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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