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Credit Verification Service

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The MDHSA Credit Verification Service is a Transcript Service, available to non-Pennsylvania home educated students.

This service may also be available for families residing in Pennsylvania who choose to provide their homeschooled students with a parent-issued diploma, but wish to have Mason Dixon Homeschoolers provide rec0rd-keeping services for their students courses and credits, as well as issue official transcripts to colleges, universities, or employers.

Students residing in PA who are interested in receiving a MDHSA High School Diploma (and official transcripts), please visit the blue Diploma Program tab of this website.


To enroll in the CVS program, you must first download a copy of the CVS Policy and read it in its entirety.           


The Validator that you would like to use will also need to read the policy and send the CVS Validator Agreement to:

MDHSA Validator Agreement
32 West Main Street #5
Waynesboro, PA 17268

NOTE: This program is NOT for MDHSA Diploma Program students. Please refer to the Diploma Program section for anything to do with Pennsylvania students receiving a MDHSA Diploma.

The Credit Verification Service was created to serve students outside of Pennsylvania who desire a transcript verified by a third party. CVS has just begun! At this writing there are two American students whose family lives in China who have used this program and have been accepted or attend the University of Pennsylvania.

MDHSA does NOT offer a diploma to students out of state. PA diploma programs may only offer diplomas to students complying with the PA Home Education law, whether the student is above compulsory school age or not.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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