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Prior Credits – FAQ

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Disclaimer:  MDHSA’s Position on Applying for Credits Earned Prior to 9th Grade

The purpose of MDHSA allowing for applications to award credit for work done prior to ninth grade is to allow a student who is working at an advanced level in a particular subject to receive full credit for their work.  The purpose of awarding credits earned prior to 9th grade is not to permit, facilitate, or encourage early graduation, but to recognize hard work and academic achievement in a particular subject. MDHSA does not advocate any other use or purpose for a student to apply for Prior Credits

Any Prior Credits that a student applies for must be as rigorous as a high-school level course in order for that course to be eligible for consideration.  Supporting documentation and approval from an Evaluator is required when the application is submitted.

MDHSA limits the number of potential credits earned prior to ninth grade to two credits.

A student who is consistently performing at a higher academic level in the majority of the subject areas being studied should be considered as a student at the higher level.  Merely showing mastery of an individual subject does not warrant labeling the student at an upper grade level.

The MDHSA Diploma Program Advisors and Staff urges every home educating family in the state to read the homeschool law and understand it thoroughly.  Do not rely on a third-party’s interpretation of the law!

Parents are also encouraged to utilize the unique opportunity that homeschooling affords in order to meet the educational needs of their particular student by:

  • Individualizing the program
  • Encouraging the student to achieve their very best in the arena of their interest
  • Investigating post-secondary education options and the requirements necessary to enter a post-secondary educational institution, such as college or vocational program
  • Investigating diploma programs to determine if participation will benefit your student, and if so, choosing the diploma program that will compliment and accommodate the student’s needs and achievements


My child is applying for Prior Credits transferred from a public / private / cyber school.  Does the Prior Credits Application need to be signed by a teacher, or may I submit the institution’s transcript in lieu of a signature?

A teacher or Evaluator must sign all Prior Credit applications, regardless of where the credits were taken.  The institution’s transcript may be included with the Application as part of the supporting documentation.

Can logged entries / hours be carried over from 7th and/or 8th grade and be applied toward a partial or who-credit course that is to be earned during high school?

Yes.  For a half-credit course, up to 15 prior logged entries / hours may be submitted for consideration as a prior credit.

For a full-credit course, you may apply for up to 30 logged entries / hours.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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