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Students with Special Needs – FAQ

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MDHSA NOTE:  If a student has been diagnosed with learning disabilities and has an IEP, the parent and Evaluator can determine the best plan of action for the student.  Some graduation requirements may be waived, if necessary.  Please provide evidence to your Evaluator if you feel the requirements should be waived for your student.  If accepted, the Evaluator should inform MDHSA of the waiver(s).  Please do not put the information on the ASF or TX; simply have the Evaluator write a letter to the MDHSA Administrator. 

Learning disabilities / waiver information does not necessarily need to be documented in the evaluation, unless there is a need for the school district to be informed of the learning disability.

I have a student who struggles with math – specifically, Algebra and Geometry.  However, your Diploma Program requires these subjects.  How can I help my student fulfill these graduation requirements?

If the student’s IEP permits, some or all of the Algebra and/or Geometry requirements may be waived.

If there is no IEP and the student is struggling with Algebra and Geometry, other options are to try various hands-on methods to learn these subjects.  There are many good curriculum choices that offer a non-textbook approach to math.  Remember that mastery does not always need to be achieved; the course requirements state that those subjects must be “studied” for at least ½ credit between 9th through 12th grade, if not already studied in 7th or 8th grade.

My student has severe learning disabilities in math and reading.  How can the graduation requirements be achieved?

If the IEP permits, some requirements may be waived.

For the reading / writing requirements, the homeschool supervisor may read aloud to the student, using a variety of sources such as documentaries, biographies, audio books, etc.  The student can then narrate information back to the supervisor, who in turn can write or type the information as the student relays it, thus showing the student’s comprehension of the material, as well as having documentation for the portfolio.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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