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Diploma Program – Getting Started

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A parent who desires to have a student participate in the MDHSA Diploma Program must first order a Diploma Guide.  The Diploma Guide, itself, is NOT available on this website.  It must be ordered via this website or by mailing the order and payment to the MDHSA office.  A hard copy ($6.75) or PDF version ($4.75) is available for purchase.  Details, order information, and cost can be found on the “Publications” page, or “Purchase” page.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for a mailed hard-copy, and up to 24 hours for an emailed PDF copy.  If ordering by mail, please use the ORDER FORM.

A partial listing of some of the Diploma Guide Topics includes:

  • Portfolio/evaluation requirements
  • College
  • Course Titles
  • Honorary diplomas
  • Transfer Students
  • Students with disabilities waiver
  • Earning Credits
  • Coursework accumulated in more than one year
  • MUCH more!

Both the parent and student must read the Diploma Guide, as both parties must sign the Registration Form stating that they have read the Guide AND have read the Advisement in the Diploma Guide.  This ensures that both the student and parent understand their responsibilities and the procedures involved in the Diploma Program.


After receiving and reading the Diploma Guide, complete and mail the Registration Form, the Registration fee, and any evaluations and Annual Summary and Transcript forms for 9th through 12th grade studies that are completed.

Registration is recommended sometime during 9th grade, even if the accompanying documentation will not be sent until later.  This will ensure that MDHSA has contact information for the student in the event there is a change in Program Policy, Forms, or Procedures, or if a third-party requires verification of Program enrollment, such as College Admissions or SAT testing facilities.  However, registration at a later date is permitted, if needed.

In order for the Program to be in compliance with the MDHSA agreement with the PA Department of Education, MDHSA MUST HAVE COPIES OF ALL EVALUATIONS AND “ANNUAL SUMMARY FORM AND TRANSCRIPTS.”   No file will be opened for a student until the registration fee is received.

Follow the instructions in the Diploma Guide or in the Diploma Program “Forms/Instructions” section of this website for specific situations, such as transfer students, or transferring from the private tutorial program in PA.

If an MDHSA Evaluator is currently not being used as the student’s Evaluator, you may ask your current Evaluator to complete the Evaluator Agreement on this website OR you may peruse the current Evaluator List to see if there is an Evaluator you would like to contact.


Once the MDHSA office has received your student’s Registration Form and Fee, you will be sent an email with information on how to gain access to the MDHSA Diploma Program Participants secured section of the website.  Please do not share this information with anyone.  Note:  If your student’s file has been placed on hold (you have received a notice stating that paperwork is missing / incorrect), you will not receive access to the secured section of the website until the file has been taken off hold (correct documentation has been received).


MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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