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Graduation Ceremony

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 The MDHSA Graduation Ceremony is open to all students who:

  • are receiving a MDHSA Diploma Program diploma or
  • are in the MDHSA CVS program
  • are current members of the MDHSA Local Support Group
  • desire to become members of the support group for the purpose of participating in the ceremony (after December 1, the membership fee is prorated to $20). To become a member, go to the Local Support Group tab/Membership Info/application. You must do this before May 1, as the new year membership renewal begins on that date and the yearly membership fee is $35.  Since the Graduation ceremony deadline is April 20, that will give you time to become a member and mail in your graduation form. This membership fee funds MDHSA in order to keep offering services to our members and the non-member home education community including this MDHSA website.  If you learn about the ceremony AFTER April 20, and desire to participate, email diploma@pa.net. There is no guarantee that you will be able to participate.

The MDHSA Graduation Ceremony is usually held the last Saturday in June. However, always wait until the current year date is posted on the page.

current year Graduation Ceremony Registration Form must be submitted in order to participate in the Ceremony.  The link to the registration form is at the top of this page on the left. 

If you need more information or are unable to download the Ceremony Registration Form, contact diploma@pa.net or call 717-749-5767 and leave your mailing address to have a form mailed to you.


CURRENT YEAR:  2017—Saturday June 24  

Location: Chambersburg, PA  (South Central Pennsylvania)

The ceremony starts with a processional of seniors wearing caps and gowns of various colors, followed by a welcome and invocation, selected student talent, a student address, and a challenge to students by a commencement speaker. It culminates with parents presenting diplomas to their students while the biography is read aloud by a moderator. In recent years, there has been a beautiful candle ceremony when the parents hand a lighted candle to the student during the recessional. Some parents also include a small Bible.

There is a rehearsal in the morning at 8:30 for talent, and 9:30 for the remainder, with at least one parent practicing awarding the diploma to the students. Diploma Program parents are given the student’s diploma at this time.  A group picture is usually taken by a photographer.

At 12:00, there is a break for lunch. Graduates must be done with lunch by 1:00.

Guests should arrive no later than 1:15 or 1:20 as the ceremony begins promptly at 1:30.

The ceremony lasts approximately 1 ½ hours.  The number participating in the Ceremony is typically between 25-40 graduates.

More details are on the instructions that come with the registration form. Click on the Registration from link at the very top above the words “Graduation Ceremony”.


Non-members who are in the Diploma Program or CVS:  $35 by Feb 25, $45 by  April 20.

MDHSA Members:  $20 by February 20, $30 by April 20.

There is a $15 fee for each additional graduate in the same family.


Graduates will obtain their own caps, gowns and tassels in any color of their choice.   Caps and gowns must be worn. Any exception must be cleared with the MDHSA administrator by April 20 or  no later than 10 days BEFORE the ceremony. Students may use a cap and gown of a family member or friend or purchase one used or new from a supplier of their choice. They will need to purchase a tassel, as these usually have the current year date on them. For your convenience, here are suppliers that sell caps, gowns, tassels, invitations, announcements and more:

  • http://www.milligans.com/   Order line: 1-800-544-4696, Customer Service: 251-867-5895, Fax: 251-867-8865 E-mail: info@milligans.com
  • http://www.homeschooldiploma.com/ 1-877-466-2563
  • http://www.capsngowns4less.com/ 1-985-898-2620
  • http://www.gradshop.com/graduation-cap-and-gown 1-855-719-4723
  • http://www.jostens.com/grad/homeschool_lp_main.html 1-800-854-7464
  • http://www.graduationsource.com/high-school.html 1-800-352-6162


To MDHSA Diploma Program Students

Any students wishing to receive a MDHSA High School diploma this coming spring, but have not yet registered with MDHSA DIPLOMA PROGRAM (not Support Group Membership) , should:

  1. Go to the Purchase tab
  2. Order a Diploma Guide (if you have not already done so)
  3. Send in the DIPLOMA PROGRAM Registration/Filing Form as soon as possible (NOW) along with the 9-11th grade Evaluations/Transcripts, MDHSA Annual Summary Forms, and payment(s). As soon as the 12th grade evaluation is completed, send a copy of that evaluation and the 12th grade ASF and Transcript immediately and have the digital transcript emailed to the address on the ASF.

This includes ALL students, whether participating or not participating in the MDHSA Graduation Ceremony.

The MDHSA Office requires 30 days notice from the time a DIPLOMA REQUEST is received at the office and MAILING THE DIPLOMA.  Please keep this in mind if planning graduation celebrations or if participating in a graduation ceremony elsewhere.

If paperwork is submitted at least 30 days before the Graduation Ceremony, but necessary documentation is missing, MDHSA will contact you concerning this.  Any missing paperwork must be received at MDHSA  by June 15, or the student will be able to “walk” at the Graduation Ceremony, but will not receive the diploma until AFTER the ceremony.


MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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