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Grandparent Clause

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The following policies were adopted by the Executive Committee 2016:

A.  Grandparent Policy For:

  1. Grandparents who have custody of their grandchildren: They will be treated as the ‘parents’ and must register with MDHSA, pay membership fee, and are allowed to participate in all activities including co-op, the same as any member parent. They should not put grandparent on the registration form since in the eyes of MDHSA and the law they ARE parents and it will create confusion with category number 2. (The non-member parent may attend field trips and activities, but ONLY if the grandparent invites them to do so).
  2. Member Parents with full time grandparent homeschooling support:

Example: A grandparent, who lives with or nearby the member family and who does all or the majority of the homeschooling while the member parent works, etc. The grandparent of the current MDHSA member family who wishes to teach at co-op, a club, or other MDHSA activity regularly may provide support with or in the absence of the parent. They will not be charged an additional MDHSA membership fee. However, the grandparent, as well as the parent(s), must fill out the online membership registration form in order to be treated as either a full or associate member for MDHSA activities and/or co-op participation. This way the grandparent will have read all pertinent membership information and will have an understanding of the statement of faith. They must follow this procedure in this order:

  • The parents will submit their membership application and payment.
  • The grandparents also fill out a membership application in this manner:
    • In the line for the last name, please put the Member family name (last name and first name).
    • In the line for the first name, please enter the grandparent(s) name(s). (Last name, first name)
    • They must check the box that allows them to get the Newsletter by e-mail NOT by mail. MDHSA cannot mail hard copies of the newsletter to non-paying grandparents.
  • After membership for the member family is verified, it will be approved and the parents and grandparents will each receive their own membership email. Also, it will be adjusted in the database to show just the Grandparents’ names on the directory followed by GP and the member parents’ last names.

Example: John and Mary Smith are joining MDHSA. Membership and payment is submitted and approved. Then, Mary’s parents’ Louse and Mervin Knight fill out a membership application. On their application they will type ‘Smith, John and Mary’ on the line for the last name, and ‘Knight, Louise and Mervin’ on the line for the first name. This will be adjusted once membership is approved. It will only show as their name ‘Knight, Louise and Mervin (GP- JSmith) in the directory.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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