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Mason Dixon Homeschoolers Association began in the living room of one of our members in 1986 with 7 families and currently has an average year membership of over 150 families.  MDHSA has provided support to their fellow homeschoolers when there was no other support available. The Local Support Group is made up of mostly volunteers who love homeschooling, who homeschool themselves, and are eager to see you succeed at homeschooling

Click HERE for a complete history (PDF) of MDHSA

MDHSA is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to provide support for all homeschooling families regardless of faith, disseminate legislative information about issues of interest to homeschoolers and educators, and promote excellence in homeschooling. Cyber-school families are welcome to join MDHSA, although our main focus is traditional homeschooling. Parents volunteer their time and skills to coordinate our programs and activities.

Homeschooling is a wonderful opportunity for your family. It can be joyous and successful. However, it may be difficult to “go it alone” especially in the early days. Meeting and getting to know other families can go a long way toward helping you succeed at homeschooling. You will find tips, hugs, and friends for you and your children.

MDHSA serves local homeschooling families in Franklin and Cumberland Counties in Pennsylvania and Washington County Maryland, and surrounding areas.

The following are available to our members as members volunteer to provide them; some require an extra fee to help offset the expense of the activity.

Activities and Field trips

Monthly First Friday assemblies

Member Directory

Monthly Newsletter


Graduation Ceremony

Private Facebook Page just for our members

Resource Center library materials that members may use in their home for up to one year.

Home School Legal Defense Association  (HSLDA) Group Discount

Highschool Formal

Homeschooling Legislative Updates

Free hard copy of the MDHSA Law Guide to members (There is a free PDF of the law guide on our website available to all homeschoolers).

Membership Card –useful to use for discounts for homeschoolers,

Co-operative schools are available for those who desire to participate.

And More!



The Support Group is a separate entity from the MDHSA State-wide Diploma Program. Please click on those tabs for information. Members of MDHSA are not automatically in the diploma program, and those in the diploma program are not automatically members of MDHSA.


MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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