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Co-Op North Online Registration


Co-Op North meets every other Tuesday, at Greenvillage Church of God, in Chambersburg. We have 2 semesters, a Fall and a Spring, each consisting of 8 Co-op days and a showcase.  Each Co-Op year begins in August/September and runs until the beginning of May. Showcase is held the Friday evening after the last Co-Op day. Each session runs from 9:15a.m. until 12:30p.m. Three class periods are offered for students ages 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and 13 & up. Nursery is provided for children ages 2 and under.

We also go on field trips throughout the year, have family events, and several fun mom’s night out events!

Membership fees are $30 for the semester. There are also class fees for the individual classes.

If you would like to participate in Co-Op North, please completed your Parent Registration and $30 registration fee by July 1st (or Dec 15th for Spring Semester), $10 late fee after that; registration closes on July 7th for returning member (December 22nd for Spring Semester).  New members just joining have until July 31st to register (December 31st for Spring).  But please note, classes are on a first come, first filled basis (so they may not get 1st choice for classes if Class Registration has already taken place).  No new members will be accepted after Aug 1st (Jan 1st for Spring); registration will reopen, for the spring semester, in November; and for the fall semester in June.

BEFORE YOU REGISTER please be sure to have applied for all of your needed clearances AND the Mandated Reporter Class.  Registrations received without the proper clearance will be rejected and refund, minus a small fee.

Clearance Information Sheet – UPDATED 8/31/2016

Clearance Disclosure – – FBI Waiver   NOTE:  This document only needs to be signed and witnessed.  It does not need to be notarized.

Mandated Reporter Training

It will take time for some of these to be approved and sent to you, but you must apply and have all of the clearances and take the Mandated Reporting training before signing up!!!

Please print copies of ALL your clearances and certificates and mail them to the main office of MDHSA.  If your clearances and certificates are not received you will NOT be able to attend until the office receives ALL them.


A list of classes offered for the semester will be e-mailed to you along with a link to the Class Registration. When you receive this, your child(ren) should select their classes for each period.  Please be sure to pick a class for each period for each kid!  You must submit your choices and pay the class fees by August 5th (Jan 15 for Spring). Approximately two weeks before the beginning of the semester, you will receive a list of classes for each child and an assignment schedule for yourself.


For more details please read our Policies:

Co-Op North Policies and Guidelines – Updated 5/2016


Questions?  Please email the committee at committee@MDHSANorth.com

To join Co-Op North, Register online here.

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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