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MDHSA has complied a partial list of accomplishments that our Diploma Program Grads have achieved.  Please browse over this list to see some of the wonderful things our Graduates have done!


Esther Jones, Published Author –  Tedenbarr of Have Lath

Another book by Esther Jones is on its way!

Isabella Morganthal, Published Author – two published books with a third one coming out soon!

I Dare You: Finding Your Passion and Lighting Your World
The King’s Princess: A Magazine Compilation


Nathan Walter, Jr., MDHSA 2017 Graduate, Philadelphia, PA

  • Received a diploma with Vocational Honors, Fine Arts honor, and Diploma with Distinction
  • Nathan was accepted at New Mexico Jr College, Waubonsee CC, and Oakton CC for Information Systems.  He attended New Mexico Jr College and Waubonsee CC, dual enrollment, completing his freshman year of college before high school graduation with a GPA of 4.0.
  • Nathan was a Swim Coach, Music Teacher, and Shift Supervisor during his high school years.  His activities included being a software developer for educational and messaging computer apps.  He was a 3-year STEM Exhibitor during Philly Tech Week.
  • Nathan had a 29 overall score on the ACT, 99th percentile in Pre-Calculus.  His is in the pop band, “Barrons.”






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