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PA Homeschool Law

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Private Tutoring Provision  In PA, there is also a private tutor provision enabling parents to teach their children at home or hire a PA certified teacher.

MDHSA Law Guide    This guide is entitled “Homeschooling and the Law, How to comply with Pennsylvania Act 169-1988 without losing your mind (revised Spring 2016).  This handy guide, written by MDHSA members who have years of experience homeschooling in PA and working with legislators and school districts, will be invaluable in helping you to comply with the homeschooling law. It is a free PDF or you may order a hard copy by clicking on the Purchase tab.


The legislative steps to the current homeschooling legislation in PA:

  • The PA Home Education Law originally became law on December 21, 1988 as Act 169 of 1988 which included a provision for Special Needs Children [see (d) below].
  • A new provision effective January 1, 2006 permitted a home educated child to participate in public school activities as long as the student meets eligibility criteria specified in the law and by the local school district [see (f.1) below]
  • Act 196 of 2014 became effective October 31, 2014 and made these changes:

1.  While parents are still required to take a portfolio, log and achievement tests (3rd, 5th and 8th grades) to the evaluator with the child for an interview, the evaluator’s report is all that must be submitted to the superintendent.  The deadline for filing the evaluation with the school district has been codified into law: June 30.

2.  Superintendents have always been permitted to require mid-year evaluations for serious reasons.  However, the changed law tightens up this language and superintendents must now stipulate for what cause the mid-year evaluation is being required.

3.  The home education program will be permitted to continue while involved in a due process procedure and during the appeal process as well.

4.  Appeals may now be filed in Commonwealth Court, the Court of Common Pleas or to the Secretary of Education.

5.  Parent Issued diplomas and home education diploma- granting organizations are now “considered as having all the rights and privileges afforded by the Commonwealth and all Commonwealth agencies.” [(d.1) below]

All of the above is included in the statute below: 24 P.S. § 13-1327.1 “Home Education Program”

Pennsylvania Home Education Law

Graduation Requirements in Light of the Revised Home Education Law

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