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Subjects and Objectives Required by Law

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The Pennsylvania Homeschool Provisions Act 169 requires an outline of “proposed educational objectives” to be filed each year, for each student. A long, specific list of everything you plan to teach that year is NOT required.  Simply listing 1-3 general objectives for each subject will suffice, and the objectives do not necessarily have to change each year.

Below is a list of the subjects required by law to be taught each year, and a list of sample objectives.  For a list of printable objectives, go to the Free Printable Forms tab.

Please note that the school district cannot prevent you from homeschooling based on your objectives. They can make you redo them if they are not in objective form, and the law states that you must submit objectives to the school district. This was a compromise between the PDE and the homeschoolers in 1988. The PDE was proposed to require objectives of homeschoolers. However, homeschoolers were concerned that a school district superintendent would decide that the objectives were invalid if parents used religious material or “non-school” methodology. The result was a compromise: Homeschoolers would be required to have objectives, to assure the school districts that the parents had a “goal”, but those objectives cannot not be used to discern if a family is out of compliance with the home education law.


At the Elementary level (K – 6th) the subjects required by law are:

English, including Spelling, Reading, Writing
History of the United States and Pennsylvania
Safety Education, including dangers and prevention of fires
Health and Physiology
Physical Education

At the Secondary level (7th – 12th) the subjects required by law are:

English, including Language, Literature, Speech, Composition
Social Studies, including Civics, World History, History of the United States and Pennsylvania
Mathematics, including General Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry
Physical Education
Safety Education, including dangers and prevention of fires

Optional Secondary Subjects:

Foreign Languages


Elementary Education Objectives for: ___________                         School Year: _______


Read wide variety of books and other types of literature
Utilize library
Improve spelling
Improve knowledge of grammar
Continue to improve writing skills

Continue to improve reading skills

Improve computation skills
Master new topics as introduced

Increase knowledge of American / Pennsylvania history
Study historical topics of interest

Improve map skills
Increase knowledge of U.S. geography
Increase knowledge of world geography

Continue to explain the rights and responsibilities of citizens to students

Continue to expose student to concepts in science
Read interesting books/ articles on scientific topics
Continue to instruct student how to study scientific topics

Safety Education:
Continue to instruct student regarding safety issues including fire safety

Continue to instruct student in areas relating to health and hygiene

Physical Education:
Incorporate exercise into daily routine
Continue to allow student freedom to exercise out-of-doors, weather permitting

Increase appreciation for music as a form of expression
Utilize music as a form of expression

Increase appreciation for art as a form of expression
Utilize art as a form of expression

Secondary Education Objectives for:                                              School Year:             


English, to include language, literature, speech and composition:

Continue to develop ability to express himself orally and in the written word.

Continue to develop ability to read critically.

Continue to develop appreciation for the written word.

Continue to develop listening skills.


Continue to develop an understanding of the world and its workings.

Engage in studies of various topics of interest.


Continue to develop an understanding of the impact of the physical world on the social and economic worlds.

 Social Studies, to include civics, world history, history of the US & PA:

Engage in studies of political, economic, civil, and social relationships.

Continue to study world history.

Continue to study the history of the US & PA.

Continue to develop an understanding of the responsibilities of a citizen of the US.

Mathematics, to include general mathematics, algebra, and geometry:

Consolidate mastery of general mathematics.

Engage in studies of algebra and geometry using texts, real life situations, and other resources as available.


Continue to develop an understanding of art as an expression of culture and a source of commentary on life.


Continue to develop an understanding of the role of music in our society and culture.

Physical Education:

Continue to develop habits of physical activity that will contribute to good health as an adult.

Health & Safety Education, including regular and continuous instruction in the dangers and prevention of fires:

Develop the ability to provide for his own healthcare, as well as an awareness of various health issues affecting us today, and the impact of life choices on health.

Continue to understand the safe use of fire.


MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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