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Comments about the MDHSA Diploma Program/Graduation Ceremony

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“This is just a brief note of thanks. Thanks for existing and bringing forth an example of excellence. This past month our son endeavored to attain a state ID. However, his Social Security Card had been misplaced in our recent relocation. Our efforts eventually brought us to the Social Security Office in Norristown. Having filled out our forms and waited in extensive lines, the Social Security officer informed us that in the absence of a “normal” school ID, they would be unable to process our request for a re-issue of our son’s card. Around and around we went. Finally, in an effort to dismiss us, the officer sarcastically inquired if we just might happen to have a diploma with us. We did! Several officials examined the diploma issued by you and decided that it appeared “official enough” and processed our request.” JH

We just had to let you know how impressed we were with the … graduation ceremony… We had no idea what was going to take place. It was a beautiful ceremony. All our guests complimented how everything flowed so well. Our son was very happy that he decided to be a part of it. . . .Your professionalism is outstanding.” J & C H.

“Thank you for all your help. Without your program, I fear my son may have dropped out, but thanks to MDHSA he worked for and received his High School Diploma! Thank you for all of your help”! JF

“I Love Mason Dixon because they are so easy to contact. You can get a diploma year round. My clients love it.” RM (Evaluator)

“You are great!” JP

“MANY THANKS! It has been a pleasure to be in your diploma program. You’ve been so helpful & hospitable. I’ve recommended you to many people. Two more families I recommended you to should be signing up soon.” York, PA Evaluator

“We recently received a letter that, due to what she brings to the population, they were giving her a Dean’s scholarship–$50,000 over the 4 years! We never even applied for it. God is so great my little brain is still processing this one. Thought you’d like to rejoice with us. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. Blessings!” ES.

“MDHSA: Thank you! You have provided such a valuable resource for homeschoolers. Thank you for your thorough process, your efficiency, and the ease in which you give to parents desiring your diploma-even “last minute” like us!” SB 6/23/11

“Dear Barbara, I would like to take this time and thank you plus your staff. You have been very encouraging both with your time and talent. I know from experience it is not easy to provide the support you all do to homeschooling families. You have always been patient and kind with your explanations of procedures. I have never felt “put off” or hurried, when I called. Thank you again for your support.” Blessings, MR

“Thank you so much for all you do.  I love Mason Dixon and appreciate you!”  – an Evaluator

“Thanks for all you to do make the graduation from MDHSA so special.  The service was lovely!”  -Parent of 2012 graduate

“Wanted to express our many thanks for all your hard work in preparing for the 2012 Graduation Ceremony.  The program was just lovely and we are so glad we were able to participate.  It really was the crowning moment as we concluded our years of homeschooling.  What a wonderful way to remember this milestone in our lives!”  – Parents of 2012 graduate

“Thank you for all the time and effor you put into the MDHSA Graduation Ceremony.  As a parent, I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm for homeschooling.  The ceremony was wonderful and supportive of the graduates and their families.  The Ceremony was a testimony to MDHSA’s commitment and professionalism.” – Parent of a graduate

“Thank you for all your help and work that you put into our son’s transcript.” – Parent of student USMAPS at West Point

“Thanks for all you do with MDHSA!” – Parent

“We really appreciate all the thoughtful work that everyone in your association did to organize, facilitate, and host such a truely special graduation ceremony.  We were impressed and will always have wonderful memories of an extraordinary event.  Thank you for allowing us the privilege of participating.”  An MDHS Family

“I would like to express my appreciation for the time and energy in putting together a lovely graduation ceremony.  Our daughter’s homeschool graduation is the first for all of our relatives who have been watching our every step.  They, as I, were impressed and many commented on it being the most beautiful graduation ceremony they ever attended.  Thank you for sharing the many talents of the group.  Thank you for sharing your inspirations and directing the graduates to walk in the way, truth, & life.  I was impressed with Dr. Hudzinski’s speech pointing out in a memorable way what really matters most hasn’t changed…”  – Parent of Graduate (LD)

My son, XXX, is applying to the Conservatory at xxxxx University.  I spoke to their admissions counselor recently.  She asked me to thank you for compiling X’s’s transcripts from his previous schools with his home school report.  That greatly helps them glean his academic information.  Apparently many schools don’t do that.  She also told me that it is not necessary for me to submit a home school portfolio because they recognize MDHSA?s curriculum/ degree as identical to a public high school.  That’s terrific!  You administer a first rate system.  It can’t be easy, but the curriculum structure you have in place is very good and is very well managed.  As a mother who came late to home schooling in X’s 11th grade, the guidance and support you have provided to us has been a God send!  Home schooling is a marvelous way to go and thank you for providing us that option.  We are very grateful!

Thank you so very much for all the years of support you’ve given to our family.  The Graduation Ceremony was so well-done, and we will hold dear these wonderful memories!   Family of 2014 Graduate

Thank you so much for your support in helping us to prepare our daughter for graduation.  Holding her diploma in my hands yesterday brought tears to my eyes as I recalled the laughter and struggles, knowing that it has been worth the price, and I wouldn’t trade one moment of the past 13 years of my daughter’s “formal education”.
The graduation guidelines and detail which you provided kept the goals in front of us and helped us “to stay on track” in running this part of life’s race.  [  ] is employed, working with children, which she loves.  She plans to take online classes to further her education, because she does not want to accrue debt.
We are so grateful for you, and look forward to working with you again in preparing our [next child] for graduation in 2018.      Parent – Manheim, PA

MDHSA does not discriminate against families on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin.

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